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Tired of having a negative rig that is hard to control underwater?  There are many good reasons for having a neutral/slightly negative rig.  If like myself you do not have an endless supply of money to keep buying equipment to try and get the right balance or little access to a pool you need to find out your starting point.  

By understanding the exact weight of your camera rig underwater you can then work out what best to do next.  

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SD Mount Cage for GoPro

GoPro® HERO3 / HERO3+/Hero 4 is ultra compact and high quality video camera capturing dominant market share in wearable camera segment thanks to wide range of accessories and handy video editing application “GoPro® Studio” in addition to camera’s performance.

However, when we bring GoPro® camera underwater, angle of view narrows down dramatically due to different refraction ratio and subjects in close range (within approx. 60cm/2ft) are out of focus since GoPro® camera is a deep focus camera (fixed focal length) which prevents it from using for macro imaging.

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I have to admit that I am rather obsessed with having the correct camera buoyancy.  I have spent considerable time just trying to get the rig right.  The three main benefits of this is Good Handling, Safety & Expense 

I even made my own modular system from Divinycell 80.  A material made in yacht building that does not compress until 80m.  This is very helpful as it maintains its buoyancy at depth, basic foam does compress and as a result, your rig will become progressively more negative at depth.  I now though use INON float arms and Stix arms to achieve the same result.

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