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Strobe Arm Packages

Avoid the confusion of selecting the right arm system by selecting a pre-prepared and slightly negative buoyancy for the best control.  All have been designed with different needs.  

They have been divided into macro, wide, super wide (144 degrees) or a combination.  Each one requires the lenses to keep the rig properly balanced.  If you want a variation of these or have some of the parts already please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

You can select either S-2000 stobe or the D-2000 strobe from the package, I will have the replacement of the Z-240 A.S.A.P.

You can also select your tray requirement based on the fact of needing one or two tripod screws.  Note if you are using Ikelite housing you will need a different mount (Costs same as M1 just has a different thread) please inform me at the point of purchase.

Any questions please ask...

Note - All pictures display S-2000 strobe and M1 Grip Base. Also lenses, lens holders and fiber optics not included